Accelerated Resolution Therapy

This is an eye movement form of therapy that allows the brain to process negative emotions at a deeper level.  I have seen AMAZING results with this therapy.  Please visit for more information.


Marriage and Family Therapy

The heart of the family is the marriage and I work with couples to identify the relationship pattern that they are entrenched in, empower both parties to identify their needs, educate them on how to speak up about their needs, and teach them the necessary skills to have an emotionally intimate and physically passionate marriage.  I also work with the whole family to achieve a deeper love and understanding and to bring unity to the family unit.


Teen and Pre-Teen Therapy

I have been working with this age group for 12 years and I absolutely love these ages!! I seek to understand and allow the teen/pre-teen to feel safe to open up and give them room to express their emotions.  Teens have one question to answer and that is: Who am I? We explore this question, while examining their attitude, behaviors, and reactions and work towards a person that they enjoy being.


Sand Tray Therapy

Children learn through play.  Therefore, learning to deal with their emotions and behaviors is best done through play.  The Sand Tray offers a medium that allows children (and adults) to express their emotions in a safe, caring, and fun environment. I have worked with children as young as 3 and my specialty is helping kids work through a divorce.


Divorce Care and Recovery

Divorce is devastating, but it doesn’t have to be life shattering.  I walk clients through the divorce process, giving them coping skills to heal from a broken marriage and to assist in putting the pieces of their life back together.


Christian Based Counseling

My heart is to follow God and to be His hands and feet in the healing process.  If desired, I will incorporate biblical principles during therapy and integrate God’s Word into the healing process.  I do not believe in pushing my beliefs on any of my clients, but I will speak freely of God and His love if that is what you desire for your therapy.


Conditions Treated:

  • Trauma (PTSD/Sexual Assault/Physical Assault)
  • Marriage, Family, Teens, and Children
  • Divorce Care and Recovery
  • Self Harm and Suicidal Ideation
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Co-Dependency
  • Spousal Abuse
  • OCD and Phobias
  • Addictions