Divorce Care

Divorce is a devastating event.  I equate it to your own personal 9/11.  As you are going through a divorce, it feels like your life is being attacked and the lifestyle you constructed is slowly crumbling down around you.  It leaves people feeling devastated, hopeless, and angry.
I have been trained in family mediation, parent coordination, and collaborative law.  I am very aware and proficient in the divorce process and help clients to emotionally cope with the stress that a divorce brings.  I teach my clients proper boundaries and how to approach your ex, how to communicate with your ex, and also how to co-parent.
I also work with many children who are witnesses to the divorce process.  I offer children of divorce skills and tools to discuss their feelings and thoughts, and to help them re-establish a “new normal.”
Divorce does leave an impact on everyone involved, however, the damage can be minimized with the proper care.